Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meeting Harald Siepermann

First of all... WOW!
If you had asked me a year ago whether I could imagine meeting a real Disney artist so soon I would have said "No, of course not!". I'm really happy about meeting Harald Siepermann, a german character designer who worked on Mulan, Tarzan, Roger Rabbit, Alfred Jodokus Kwak and many more great animated movies!

He came to the Games Academy to teach us Character Design.
His lecture was awesome, although it was only the first day of the lecture I really learned a lot. Not only his didactics impressed me, it is the fact that Siepermann has great experience in terms of art, especially animation.
He often refered to Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, two of Disney's Nine Old Men.
It was also great to find out that hes also a modern person (it surprised me that he knows Dr House and Grey's Anatomy), that he is a person with a great humor and that he does not discriminate against anime such as those oldfashioned art lecturers (you probably know what i mean!) =D
He even told us Hayao Miyazaki's secret that makes Ghibli characters special.

On this picture you see Harald Siepermann and me.
I am holding a drawing of Alfred Jodocus Kwak , that he drew for me:

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